If you wish to send correspondence via the U.S. Postal Service it is recommended that you send it to the address below.  Mail that is sent directly to our field address must go by registered mail or it mysteriously vanishes.  Additionally, our post box is in the capital city of Freetown which is six hours from our village.  Consequently we only check our mail a few times a year.  Our mission coordinators send us mail packages when we request them; your mail will safely arrive using this method.  We truly enjoy receiving mail and make every effort to reply but a response may take some time.

Stephen Holt

C/O Bible Baptist Church

872 Glenwood Road

DeLand, FL 32720



The Holts are sent through The Bible Baptist Church of DeLand, FL.



Comments or questions are welcome. Please note that the Holts are in a very remote area and have no internet or phone service where they are. They make trips into town several times a year and are then able to receive email - if it happens to be working on that particular day. This contact form sends an email to the folks who maintain this web site and handle their affairs while they are on the field - it does not go directly to the Holts.

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